It just never stops…

March 27, 2008

I am not in favor of the death penalty. Never have been, never will be.

But when it comes to the folks who have squatted on the White House property the last eight years, I may reconsider my stance.

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March 27, 2008

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March 25, 2008

Last Wednesday March 19, 2008 The Colbert Report kicked some major ass!

1. Check out this rant: The Word

2. George W. Bush is either the most insincere son of bitch or the phrase ignorance is bliss manifests itself within every statement he makes. His remarks are so heinous that Colbert has a hard time staying in his satirical character.

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bone dry

March 25, 2008

Hello everyone. My name is Sam. I have a problem. I am a political junkie but, I’m all tapped out now. I’ve gotten as high on politics as I can get. It pains me to say this but my patience for politics as they stand right now are growing thin, very thin.

I should clarify. Not all politics. Presidential politics. Namely, Democratic Primary Presidential politics. So many of my democratic heroes are showing some pretty ugly sides lately. No, I’m not talking about New Mexico Governor’s facial hair. I am talking about him, though. I’m talking about James Carville too. The business between them is a bunch of malarkey.

One week ago, Senator Barack Obama delivered the most frank, open, honest, realistic, inspiring, challenging, heart felt addresses that I have been witness too.

I was driving from Delray Beach, Florida to Lakeland, Florida on the way to a Detroit Tigers spring training game with my folks, my grandmother and the man “she is going with.” I will never forget where I was as I listened to Obama’s words through the satellite radio of the rented Chrysler 300M, the way my Tigers hat itched on my head, how happy I was to be wearing sunglasses because the sun was out and, the constant adjusting and readjusting of the uncomfortable seat belt by my grandmother. Most importantly of course, I will remember Barack Obama’s words.

He simply and humbly offered candidness and honesty and flat out intelligence. He came to the podium as a true public servant. He laid it all on the line. He didn’t apologize for the way he felt, he didn’t play political games, he spoke from the gut and showed us that what we see from him is what we get; honesty, openness, and compassion.

What has come of it?

Bickering? Mud slinging? Passport sandals? Sex Scandals? Suggestions that he didn’t say enough?

How racist is our country? Did his address really not challenge our country to look ourselves in the mirror and begin to mend race relations?

This is not an original thought but I need to reiterate it. Obama’s address should be heralded and filed among those delivered by Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and, Martin Luther King. Amog the greatest addresses in our Nation’s history.

Maybe I’m naive but I was under the impression that when I got back from playing golf and laying on the beach and taking a vacation from politics that Obama would have all the momentum in the world and it would only be a matter of days that Senators Clinton and McSame would be distant memories as presidential candidates.

Boy, was I disillusioned. And now, I’m frustrated, I’m tired of all the talking heads and pundits and surrogates battling back and forth. I need a break from Presidential Politics and so do the people of the United States.

I need to find a new topic.

Fresh set of eyes…

March 14, 2008

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