Damn you, Mitch

April 30, 2009

I just took a few minutes to read an article from the online version of the Detroit Free Press depicting the promising start for the youngest player in the majors, 20-year-old Tiger starter, Rick Porcello.  I can’t lie. I was swept away by the eloquant writing. I felt as if I was there, as if I was the 20 year Tiger starter who grew up a Mets fans, hating the Yanks and holding them scoreless thorugh three innings. Much to my chagrin, when I reached the end of the column I read:

“Contact MITCH ALBOM at 313-223-4581 or malbom@freepress.com

The damn piece was written by a guy I can’t stand. Well, everyone can get lucky sometime, right? But honestly, do yourself a favor and take a look at it:

Up-and-down night for new kid in town


Do you have swine flu?  chek your symptoms here:


I’m from the school of thought that everyone should have the right to vote, but this Michelle Bachmann character really makes me rethink my stance. Sorry Minnesota, I’ll let you slide on the ridiculous accent but to think you people actually voted for this wench?  I know this is not the first outrageous statement she has ever made but it is the latest.

Tip of the hat to Thinkprogress for the video

Oy Vey

April 24, 2009

Can’t Believe It

April 24, 2009

I want to applaud Shepare Smith?  After watching this clip, I bet you will to. Check it out:

Happy Earth Day

April 22, 2009

ripped from Daily Kos:

From Bill in Portland, Maine:


I have never seen…

A bison throw a cigarette butt out a car window

A flock of geese rip the top off a mountain

A seal cause an oil spill

A hippo drive a Hummer off a dealer’s lot

A lemur leave the faucet dripping

A raccoon go out for the evening and leave all the lights in the house on

A bobcat fight legislation to lower smokestack emissions

A songbird sing “Drill Baby, Drill”

A panda dump raw sewage into a river

A pride of lions so dependent on oil that they’re willing to wage war over it

A slug (the real kind, not the George Will kind) claim that our biggest worry is global cooling

A gorilla fail to keep its tires properly inflated

A salmon pollute a stream with mercury

An elephant claim that his God says it’s okay to pillage the world’s natural resources willy-nilly because pachyderms are the “chosen ones”

A lizard mock public transportation

A penguin claim that the melting polar ice caps are no big deal

A crocodile think up new ways to go overboard on plastic packaging for portable electronics

A Yangtze River dolphin do much of anything lately

Today is Earth Day, an event we celebrate every year to remind ourselves that we’re, for the time being, the biggest parasites on the third rock from the sun.  Approximately twenty million trees will be harvested to print an Earth Day message of conservation in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, catalogues, inserts and handbills—a message I can deliver here in three words: stop wasting stuff.

Rock Bottom, hardly

April 21, 2009

Rockcookiebottom.com is my new favorite site on the tubes. The artist featured in the previous post is the creator and sole contributor to it. The link to the video below explains what Rock Cookie Bottom is all about:

What Exactly Is Rock Cookie Bottom?


April 21, 2009

Ripped from Undiplomatic


April 20, 2009

Detroit can never get 100% good news. Even if that good news is a Pulitzer Prize!

Free Press wins Pulitzer for coverage of mayoral scandal


The Free Press won its ninth Pulitzer Prize today for its coverage of the text message scandal that led to the resignation and jailing of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Journalism’s highest award, the Pulitzer for the Free Press was announced this afternoon by Columbia University in New York, which awards the annual prizes.

Now if the D could earn more awards like this and fewer like the one the they won it for, the ghost town of a city would be looking like a Boomtown sooner rather than later.

Bringing it back…

April 20, 2009

Ripped this from my homie, Brownshoes at That’s What’s Up

Nice Suit, Mitch

April 20, 2009



Sunday’s Detroit Free Press ran a piece by the biggest ambulance chaser reporter, Mitch “I love myself and why shouldn’t I” Albom.  I should provide a little background on why I despise him so, but that will have to wait for a longer post, sometime in the near future.

The column in the Free Press criticizes the literal overnight public/internet obsession with the newest reality star, church working, never been kissed, opera singing phenom, Susan Boyle.

Mitch writes:

And what scares me is this: What’s fast on the way up is fast on the way down. I remember interviewing William Hung a few years ago. You remember Hung. He was an “American Idol” contestant who sang so badly that he became endearing. He made a record. He was hot for his 15 minutes.

But by the time I spoke with him, his 15 minutes were up. He was promoting something, but you could tell nobody much cared. The public was on to the next oddball phenomenon — which is a specialty of the Internet.

Meanwhile, Hung — who dropped out of college to pursue his singing — acted as if he’d be recording forever. He got defensive about his talent. He honestly thought people found his off-key performances melodic. It was sad.

Aren’t we all so happy that we have Mitch “Johnny on the spot” Albom to rear his gremlin-like,  parasitic head whenever a story that everyone had already covered to tell us to beware of our obsessions. Of course Mitch talked with Hung years ago, he lands all the bigtime interviews. Why wouldn’t he, He’s Mitch! But to compare Boyle with Hung is negligent at best.

Point being Mitch, because of the incredible advances in technology we have made  since the days of Elvis we are able to get quicker access to raising stars and snowballing human interest stories.

You would be out of a job if the news ran on a slower news cycle. You make your living by popping in only when there is a frenzy around a potential “15 minute of fame” piece.

You love basking in others’ lime light. Let us be honest, you do that because you are a hack who can’t really cut it and you have burned more bridges with your colleagues then you have helped to build.  So when it comes down to it, you swoop in when the story has already be written and reported on and you put a little glossy coat over it and pass off your grand standing journalism as literary excellence.

Mitch, please.


April 20, 2009

Happy Holidays

April 19, 2009

Christmas comes early this year…

Happy 420 everyone!



April 8, 2009

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution establishes, among other key pillars, a separation between Church and State. This means that the U.S. government cannot endorse any single religion and must protect the practices of all religions, including the right not to practice at all. This is why it is disappointing that our 44th President, Barack Obama, the candidate of change, has not decided to dismantle the Office of Faith Based Initiatives. I understand that President Obama is a proud observer of the Christian faith. I also appreciate that he has compassion for all religions as well as non-believers, but how devout the President may be in his personal religious beliefs should be irrelevant when it comes to his public policies. It should have been barely relevant information when he was running for President and in a nation founded partially upon a separation of Church and State his personal views of faith should have even less relevance as he runs the country.

Yes, the Office of Faith Based Initiatives does allocate funding for the continuance and establishment of worthwhile programs. Establishing soup kitchens and homeless shelters are selfless acts of love and compassion for those less fortunate. But can those efforts be made without a belief in god? Are human beings capable of having compassion and respect for their less fortunate neighbors without a belief in a god or devotion to a book that instructs one to behave this way? The answer, of course, is yes. Acts of kindness for the sake of doing the right thing are possible without devotion to a god. Programs to support the less fortunate such as affordable health care clinics in impoverished areas of our country—urban and rural—and the establishment of enriching after-school programs for at risk youth, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters can be established and carried out without the advice and consent of those appointed to a Presidentially anointed faith-based office.

It is possible that religious organizations are intrinsically better organized to carry out some of these social support programs and I believe they provide great services and I encourage them to continue their programs but under the condition that they receive no funding from the taxpayer. A similar office can be established within a department such as the Department of Health and Human Services and individuals can be appointed to help allocate taxpayer funds to programs that are secular in ideology and provide similar acts of compassion and support for other human beings. The advantage here would be that the First Amendment would be observed and upheld.

I encourage President Obama to honor his campaign promises of change and continue to diverge from the policies of our last president. He can start by deciding to dismantle the Office of Faith Based Initiatives and leave programs founded in faith for the religious arena and instead reassign social support programs that are based in scientific reasoning and compassion for fellow human beings to the secular departments of the United States government.


Social Comment

April 8, 2009

Eminem has done it again.

His newest single, “We Made You” off the album “Relapse” due in stores May 19 has already been discussed on MSNBC headline news and is sure to continue to make a stir.  Considering how Gov. Palin’s  press shop works I would not be surprised to see an official response to how she is depicted in the music video and lyrically published in XXL magazine.

Click here to Watch it:

As misogynistic and homophobic as Eminem lyrics can be he is usually spot on when reporting his observations of how our society is prone to unnecessary moral panics and pop star obsessions.


Click here to watch it: