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April 8, 2009

Eminem has done it again.

His newest single, “We Made You” off the album “Relapse” due in stores May 19 has already been discussed on MSNBC headline news and is sure to continue to make a stir.  Considering how Gov. Palin’s  press shop works I would not be surprised to see an official response to how she is depicted in the music video and lyrically published in XXL magazine.

Click here to Watch it:

As misogynistic and homophobic as Eminem lyrics can be he is usually spot on when reporting his observations of how our society is prone to unnecessary moral panics and pop star obsessions.


Click here to watch it:


One Response to “Social Comment”

  1. Greg B said

    I think you’re pretty spot on about how Eminem is usually spot on. His homophobia/misogynistic lyrics are (I believe) more from his persona than his person. He’s raising questions, ruffling feathers, but doing so in a consciously provocative way. Not all women are bitches. He doesn’t want to rid the world of gay people. But I think what he’s doing is taking the “heat” for bringing up taboo topics within the realm of hip-hop/the urban community while also bringing out the topics themselves for the rest of us to ponder in our own lives.

    Plus, he can be pretty damn funny, too.

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