Nice Suit, Mitch

April 20, 2009



Sunday’s Detroit Free Press ran a piece by the biggest ambulance chaser reporter, Mitch “I love myself and why shouldn’t I” Albom.  I should provide a little background on why I despise him so, but that will have to wait for a longer post, sometime in the near future.

The column in the Free Press criticizes the literal overnight public/internet obsession with the newest reality star, church working, never been kissed, opera singing phenom, Susan Boyle.

Mitch writes:

And what scares me is this: What’s fast on the way up is fast on the way down. I remember interviewing William Hung a few years ago. You remember Hung. He was an “American Idol” contestant who sang so badly that he became endearing. He made a record. He was hot for his 15 minutes.

But by the time I spoke with him, his 15 minutes were up. He was promoting something, but you could tell nobody much cared. The public was on to the next oddball phenomenon — which is a specialty of the Internet.

Meanwhile, Hung — who dropped out of college to pursue his singing — acted as if he’d be recording forever. He got defensive about his talent. He honestly thought people found his off-key performances melodic. It was sad.

Aren’t we all so happy that we have Mitch “Johnny on the spot” Albom to rear his gremlin-like,  parasitic head whenever a story that everyone had already covered to tell us to beware of our obsessions. Of course Mitch talked with Hung years ago, he lands all the bigtime interviews. Why wouldn’t he, He’s Mitch! But to compare Boyle with Hung is negligent at best.

Point being Mitch, because of the incredible advances in technology we have made  since the days of Elvis we are able to get quicker access to raising stars and snowballing human interest stories.

You would be out of a job if the news ran on a slower news cycle. You make your living by popping in only when there is a frenzy around a potential “15 minute of fame” piece.

You love basking in others’ lime light. Let us be honest, you do that because you are a hack who can’t really cut it and you have burned more bridges with your colleagues then you have helped to build.  So when it comes down to it, you swoop in when the story has already be written and reported on and you put a little glossy coat over it and pass off your grand standing journalism as literary excellence.

Mitch, please.


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