Wings do it again

May 15, 2009

Great article in the Free Press today about the Wings game 7 win last night versus the annoying Anaheim Ducks.  Female hockey reporter (unique, right?), Krista Jahnke had a fresh take on Detroit and what it means for the Wings to continue to win: it is fun!

Jahnke writes:

I am going to do everyone in Detroit a favor (you’re welcome) and kill one story line before it begins.  No, we sad-sack Michiganders aren’t cheering the Red Wings along because of the foreclosure crisis, the auto industry woes, the fact that we have four months of winter, or the Kwame Kilpatrick saga. We’re cheering for the Wings in these playoffs because it’s a ton of fun.




This is a must read:

New York Times Op-Ed: “What Color Is that Baby?” By Bob Herbert

“It’s a searing double-standard that tells us volumes about the ways in which we view one another, and whose lives are considered to have value in this society and whose are not. Another disturbing aspect of the coverage is the extreme prurient interest that drives it. The press goes wild over stories about murderous attacks on women who are young, attractive and white.

A closer look at how and why the news media covers some of these stories is overdue. I’d like to see more coverage, not less, of murderous violence in the U.S. But I’d like that coverage to be much broader, more meaningful and less sensationalized.”

Morning pick me up

May 12, 2009

Thanks, Julia

Immigration Reform

May 11, 2009

Like my country, immigration reform is something I have struggled to completely wrap my head around. In one sense since the beginning of this nation the most recent immigrant group has been marginalized, ghettoized and discriminated against. The Polish lived in a separate part of town from the Irish from the Italian, etc.  And yes, most of the immigrants who entered in the United States during the great waves of immigration were processed through Ellis Island or done so legally. Of course, I am sure not everyone entering our country during those historic times were legally processed but it is safe to say most did.

Many immigrants who enter into our country today do so legally as well. There was a great LA Times article today about the large numbers of immigrants recently naturalized in California and how that will change the way the state votes. But as we all are aware of there a many folks who enter this country and stay here illegally. It is because of the large number of folks who are here and didn’t enter into the proper legal channels to gain work permits and citizenship that we hear about terrible raids on communities and factories.

What I do know is the technology and resources that have been ramped up in efforts to round up those who are in this country illegally pale in comparison to the resources provided and technological improvements that have been made since the days of Ellis Island. Yes we need to make our borders more secure, too many humans have died as a result of an insecure boarder. But our efforts in naturalizing immigrants need to be improved 100 fold.

The video I posted above brought me to tears and all I can say is that I hope this young boy becomes an immigration lawyer. And if ICE doesn’t alter their way of doing business by the time he does, all I can say is, look out!


May 11, 2009

How do you interpret this denied vanity license plate?

It took me a minute but I got around to understing how it might be misinterpreted. The LA Times ran an interesting story about a vegan woman’s love for tofu and her desire to share it with motorists stuck behind her in traffic and how it has lead to intriguing free speech law suit.

“All Kelley Coffman-Lee wanted to do was broadcast her love of tofu to the driving public. So the Colorado vegan applied to the state’s Department of Revenue for a vanity license plate for her Suzuki SL7 carrying the message: ILVTOFU. Clerks at her local motor vehicle office approved the plate — but it did not escape the discerning eyes of state revenue officials, who detected another way that Coffman-Lee’s penchant for tofu could be read.

“It could be misinterpreted in a way that suggests that she likes something other than tofu,” explained revenue department spokesman Mark Couch.

Application denied.

Not only that, but Coffman-Lee’s pithy ode to soy went straight onto the department’s list of letter combinations banned under a state law that permits authorities to weed out those applications deemed “offensive to good taste or decency.”

Others that haven’t passed muster: OBITEME, 2EROTIC and PASSGAS. The list has grown to 2,744 entries over the years as residents apply for creative letter combinations to express their personal preferences. “Ever since we’ve had vanity plates, there’s been someone trying to slip one by us,” Couch said…

Now the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado has entered the fray, questioning what it calls censorship by the state. The ACLU has obtained the list of banned phrases. The list reveals “the more serious ways in which this attempt to purge offensive words has wound up being an effort to censor ideas and viewpoints,” said Mark Silverstein, legal director of the Colorado ACLU. He noted that the list includes: BADUSA, 4HEMP and OK2BGAY.”

Jesus Christ

May 7, 2009

FoxNews has done it again. I challenge you to watch this segment with a straight face. If you don’t hear something that is completely absurd please leave me a comment informing me of how far off base I am.

Highlights/lowlights (These hosts are such twits):

(1:10) Shouldn’t our President lead by example?

(1:40) Obama is making a political decision about this and I don’t think we should include prayer in a political decision (that is the point, idiot. He isn’t pushing prayer on what should be a Secular Governement).

(2:40) Obama made time to go to Ray’s Hell Burger in public but not to go to church to pray in public.

FoxNews: fair, balanced, and confused…


Believe it, there is actually a car there. This incredible young lady actually painted the car to look as if it was invisible.

How dare you

May 1, 2009

How dare you put out a video so inflammatory, so racist, so full bullshit and propaganda? I almost don’t want to repost this video but I feel I should so more people can see it and become as enraged at the example of politics at its lowest as I am.

Utterly distastefull and grossly neglegent. Fuck you, John Boehner. You are a pathetic excuse for an American.