Jesus Christ

May 7, 2009

FoxNews has done it again. I challenge you to watch this segment with a straight face. If you don’t hear something that is completely absurd please leave me a comment informing me of how far off base I am.

Highlights/lowlights (These hosts are such twits):

(1:10) Shouldn’t our President lead by example?

(1:40) Obama is making a political decision about this and I don’t think we should include prayer in a political decision (that is the point, idiot. He isn’t pushing prayer on what should be a Secular Governement).

(2:40) Obama made time to go to Ray’s Hell Burger in public but not to go to church to pray in public.

FoxNews: fair, balanced, and confused…


One Response to “Jesus Christ”

  1. bmac said

    AAAAHHHHH!!!! Such idiots!

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