Bob Herbert is on point

May 12, 2009

This is a must read:

New York Times Op-Ed: “What Color Is that Baby?” By Bob Herbert

“It’s a searing double-standard that tells us volumes about the ways in which we view one another, and whose lives are considered to have value in this society and whose are not. Another disturbing aspect of the coverage is the extreme prurient interest that drives it. The press goes wild over stories about murderous attacks on women who are young, attractive and white.

A closer look at how and why the news media covers some of these stories is overdue. I’d like to see more coverage, not less, of murderous violence in the U.S. But I’d like that coverage to be much broader, more meaningful and less sensationalized.”


2 Responses to “Bob Herbert is on point”

  1. Mr. Roach said

    Look, Bob would not want the truth to come out: namely, that nearly all killers of blacks are black and about half of whites are killed by blacks. When a white murders a black–as in Jasper Texas–it makes big national news. It’s simply dispiriting to read about the black-on-black crimes, and most of the “victims” are not that sympathetic. Nonsympathetic whites–hookers for instance–don’t get much coverage.

    Consider this, we all know who Ted Bundy is. But do any of you know the more prolific black-on-white serial killer Coral Watts? Probably not. Blacks who kill whites are never treated as psychopaths, evil, or interesting because it’s too common. Most crime victims of all races in general are not that interesting: hookers, druggies, gang members, etc. So when a normal middle class person gets robbed, raped, or killed, it makes the news. All the rest is just totally uninteresting and predictable. The media has no interest in looking into black-on-black and black-on-white crime because it would show blacks as very dangerous and very different people from the white majority.

    • Mr. Mills said

      Are you saying, Mr. Roach, that black people are in fact more dangerous than — and very different from — the white majority, or only that it would seem that way if the media were to more regularly cover murders committed by blacks? Also, do you think the media is not motivated to cover crime committed by blacks because most people consider those as merely dog-bites-man stories rather than as man-bites-dog, and thus would not sell — and the media is only interested in making a buck, after all — or because most of the media is somehow too “PC” to cover what is really going on in America, especially with black people. I know, in other words, that you’re criticizing somebody and/or something, I just can’t tell who or what: (very dangerous?) black people, a (conspiratorial?) media, or both?

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